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Cassette pictures
USB burner image


NDS Lite with a flash card can achieve more Media, games and other functions, is NDS essential equipment, the main function

as follows:

1. Brush free, free guide, free conversion, driver-free, plug-and-true use;
2. Built-in NAND chips, more high-speed stability, without worrying about the game Slow down and read the time, without the use of external memory card;
3. Let your NDS into a mobile hard disk, FAT format document management, Game full copy, and paste, and more can be added anywhere deleted. In addition; The game saves automatically backed up to the built-in chip, using only each game Li's archive area, but it can be copied out of the long-term preservation or friends post In other archives;
5. original card sizes, compatible with the full range of DS console, no prominent;
6. The use of time comparable to the original card, long life time;
7. NDS truly become platform multimedia player, support for games, music , Movies, books, etc., the operation is as easy as with MP3;
8. When combined with PC-side software enables much more.



NDS / DSi F-Card

Menu program updates, Final Fantasy 4 and dldi solve the problem of conflict patch
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-26

Firmware is 1.45 user, directly extract over, re-copy the files to the cassette xmenu.dat to overwrite the original file, not the 1.45 upgrade users refer to the documentation, and then upgrade to 1.45 after use.

Archive retrieval download
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MoonShell 1.6
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05

Unzip before, all copies to the cassette, which can be seen in the cassette MoonShell icon menu

MP3, TXT, pictures and other files can be divided into different folders placement

Click to download this file
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To music video network evaluation two F-CARD
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05

[Reader speed]
Fcard ds fire link with the previous biggest difference is its programming mode. Earlier ds fire link Slot2 need to use a special USB cable to connect the card to transfer data, and then using a dedicated reader Fcard direct inhalation and read card data. Such benefits are self-evident, if we need to burn the game just ndsl no electricity, traditional ds fire link is no way to burn the game, and this advantage is that no independent reader can ndsl Direct Burn! From the outline view, this reader and reader g6 ds real shape is very similar, so there is a friend to ask questions, whether this reader can read the contents of the other cassette, the answer is no.

Reader detail work well

Shape almost identical with G6DS Real

Tested copyed a 64MB file size of ROM, that is, we often say 512Mb game that requires about 1 minute, the same as with ds fire link. Slightly inferior to the high-speed TF card, but it has been very good. The read speed also with ds fire link as satisfactory test "Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow" animation titles do not slow down the phenomenon.


See more...
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To music video network evaluation of a F-CARD
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05
Improved debut --FCARD flashcard Reviews
Published: http://www.yyjoy.com | Author: nine hundred


Today received a called Fcard flash card, which is a built-cassette storage space, and an external memory card like r4 cassette compared to ease a lot stronger, players do not consider tf card compatibility question, it is easy to get started. In fact, this cassette was formerly ds fire link, you can see from the packaging site, renamed Fcard it means that you upgrade to the second generation. From the use of point of view, mainly in the reader, burn mode to use a special card reader, and the card is no longer required by Slot2 transmission. Therefore, the following will focus on the content of the appearance and performance of the card reader, the card itself, the functions and the first generation of the same ds fire link.
Advantages: Slot2 card directly from the burning, easy to use; good compatibility, support a lot of games of Download Play feature.
Cons: Built Nand storage, scalability is not strong.

Fcard the front of the package


Open the box, a card and a card reader

Directly into Fcard, then insert the USB port to connect a computer

We have received sample card is black, true card size natural Needless to say, the other because it is a built-in storage and use special card reader, so the appearance is no TF card slot or USB port, with the same genuine card. The appearance of a dedicated reader with a few months ago G6DS Real reader is almost identical.

Front sticker, which is Fcard 1G size

The back of the cassette

Fcard same Slot1 flash card

True card size, thickness is right, will not get stuck
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Games camp F-CARD Reviews
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05

DS FIRE LINK independent USB burner Kit increase text introduced officially released !!!

Is really special because of the recent busy, so there is no time for everyone to new packaging DS FIRE LINK (hereinafter referred to as FC card) are introduced, give everyone an apology. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit. The writer came for some time, for various reasons have not been formally meet you and, after a long wait, finally packaged with the new show in front of people.
New packaging and the old version of FC card has very different color from the previous white primary colors turned gray, the picture for the new burner adjustments have been made, and many of my friends will find their names also have some differences: Wired burn recorded the FIRE LINK, and this is independent burner FIRE CARD, so many of my friends asked why the cassette name has changed, but the system and as the FC cards, in fact, this is the earlier DS FIRE LINK.

Open the packaging inside the card drag on inlaid with flash card and burner, the packaging part of the card has been adjusted to drag some of the details, some users complained that the previous FC FC card shallow groove drag on the card, the card often out of their own out of this for this issue has been adjusted, the cassette is firmly embedded in the card Dangdang dragged on, even if the user does not put the card thrown thrown out, is not a user, then worry not get down to how to do ah ʱ?? Oh, please be assured that as long as a little push from behind, the card will be taken out. Capacity flash cards were on the adjustment, mainly because many users Gb and GB concept is confusing, so this so-called GB unit unified computer system, in fact, 1GB or 8Gb.

See the close-up of it, this is our protagonist this time, writer looks great but is still quite small, about the length and width of a semi-flashcard so big, front lights have information written on the back Added a warranty stickers, that we will then buy FC card when it will clear the date of manufacture of the cassette (previously because burner and burn cards are to be plug on the NDS host, considering that users often use certainly will cause wear and tear warranty sticker on future warranty causing the user unnecessary trouble, out of consideration for the user so when the factory warranty does not stick paper), but we must be careful not to break the sticker.

Since this flashcard without any change itself, only burner into an independent writer, so part of the test cassette, there is no need to write, we mainly look at this time writer. Writer consistent with a previous use, plug and play, in the XP system will by default to U disk, without any exterior drive, the system automatically installs and identifies and saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Since it is so natural to copy U disk and U disk file is the same as copy and paste, and through an independent writer users can conveniently copy various files to flash cards and portable, even without NDS host can also be used as U disk to use alone a. I am sure you will be concerned about the speed issue, separate burner support USB2.0 interface transfer speed to copy the number 1613 ROM "Mario Party" as an example, the game capacity of 256Mb, which is the computer 32M, copy time is 19 seconds. Then he copied the "Resident Evil", this game is a game 1Gb on NDS, which is 128MB, a copy of the time on the computer is 80 seconds. The above test is to use the computer front USB interface test, in order to avoid the front USB interface is slow, then connected directly to the main edition copy test, the next copy of which was resolution 0982 ROM "Dynasty Warriors" is also a 1Gb The game, which is 128MB, a copy of the time on the computer is 67 seconds. Speed ​​is quite satisfactory, a full 13 seconds faster. From the above test, we can see that as long as the USB interface, fast enough, and the old version of the burner compared to the rate increase quite a lot, the speed has reached 2MB / sec (equivalent game 16Mb / sec). (Old version 1Gb copy of the game, which is 128MB on your computer, copy time is 90 seconds) is to increase the speed of almost one-third.
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F card to recruit long-term testers - Games camp Station
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05
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Common problem
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05

Q: Power see Nintendo logo, and as there is no card

A: finger part may be in contact with the cassette and the host or oxide dust, you can try a few more plug or credit card with a small brush lightly with a finger part and if it still does not work, go back to the dealer to solve

Q: You can see the Nintendo logo boot, but can not enter F Card Menu

A: The firmware version number and the system version of the file to correspond to normal access menu, each new release will have the appropriate system files, such as system files corresponding to 2.52 firmware 1.45, please enter the cassette format program, prior to entering the menu Hold down "START + Select", will enter the format menu, the screen showed the upper end of the current firmware version number, select QUICK FORMAT on the NDS do a format, and then copy the file into the cassette corresponding system root directory, system files, only one file, Just copy the files to the cassette xmenu.dat root directory. (Back up your files before formatting good)

Q: I know how the capacity of the card, type, firmware version number

A: article said cassette capacity, type, firmware version number, you can enter and hold the "START + Select" menu before entering the F card in NDS, the screen displays found

Q: Why does my mobile disk capacity less than 1G

A: Because the algorithms of different sizes, this is similar to a computer hard drive

Q: Do I pull the reader in the process of copying files, the file system after less normal

A: Because of the non-normal shutdown caused confusion FLASH can be re fully formatted FLASH, formatting, see instructions

Q: Boot lost what? How to fix?

A: Boot (SAFE BOOT BLOCK red) lost after NDS plug F card as the card is not the same, please contact your dealer for repair, maintenance, use a dedicated programmer rewriting the boot area.

Q: Why have not run a ROM, while others are normal

A: Check whether the ROM BADDUMP, whether CLEANROM present, many Chinese ROM is not required after CLEANROM repackaged execution, please refer to the relevant article, will not be described here.

Q: If I use WINDOWS formatted how to do

A: Please plug in the NDS, entering F card interface, hold down the [START + Select], with the built-format program to reformat the cassette.

Q: I 8G card Mount flash disk boot display several seconds before entering the U disk, how is slower than just took it? Is not a bad hardware?

A: Of course not, Do not worry, this is normal, because the FAT system, which accounts for the cluster changed much, which is nothing to file down

Q: you must be completely formatted it?

A: Before the first use is recommended, do a full format, so as not to swap files and other problems.

Q: DS FIRE LINK can burn a single card?

A: At present, only co-card mode

Q: Why does not archive?

A: Please select the correct corresponding ROM archive types, according to DS host Select + LIFT / RIGHT (old version Select) is a type of memory can change the game, hit does not recognize the new game can use him to test.

Q: How long can maintain the archive?

A: Only the last run of the archive is stored in the storage IC ROM, and other archives are automatically backed up to the same ROM file folder, each boot after the charge stored in the archive IC can be kept for 15 days, stored in a removable disk in archive files can be stored permanently

Q: What if a long time do not play more than 15 days, the last ROM archive lost how to do?

A: When not playing for a long time, can finally re-enter the menu, the system will appear after the word SAVE BACKUP words goto menu, then will automatically save to a file archive storage IC, so that you can rest assured

Q: I find the game plus software only twelve, because there can not turn pages, and one only twelve games?

A: You can turn the page, press the L \ R or down arrow to point screen

Q: game saves automatically clean! Because too many games I archive it?

A: Yes, turned off automatic backup archive, the latest kernel and supporting archive retrieval has been enabled by default archive backup feature does not require you to manually operate, upgrade to the latest kernel and system files to
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FCARD Instructions
Author: FCARD Date: 2007-12-05

I. Introduction
FCARD Reader

F Card

Second, Tip
[1] F card inserted in the card reader, card reader plugged into the computer, the computer will recognize a removable disk

[2] cassette into the format program, prior to entering the menu and hold the "START + Select", will enter the formatting menu
CANCEL Cancels formatting program
QUICK FORMAT Quick format
FULL FORMAT fully formatted (new card users recommended that a full format once, to avoid losing files problem)

Third, Quick Start
F card has done a quick format operation at the factory, for the first time recommended a complete formatting operation.

[1] F card inserted in the card reader, card reader plugged into the computer USB interface, the computer is recognized by a mobile hard disk, you want to play the game directly copied into.

[2] The correct eject mobile hard disk, and then pull out the F card into the NDS SLOT 1 interface, open the NDS, enter FCARD, you can see that you copied into the game, click into the game.

Description: Copy NDS game, you can own filing folders, support for multi-level file folder, the system will automatically identify all games cassette

Note: Due to formatting program comes WINDOWS generally not well formatted FLASH removable disk, so if you need to format cassette, please use cassette comes formatted program, or may occur cassette does not recognize the problem, and formatting See above.

Placed in the root directory
xmenu.dat system files, do not delete it. Necessary
DSYSTEM file folder is automatically generated file system, do not delete it. Necessary

After the loss of system files can be formatted in the download area Xiazai, recopy the cassette root directory, just copy a file to the cassette xmenu.dat root directory.


DS Fire Link - the No. 1 R4 3DS Alternative for DS Lite and NDS roms.

DS FIRELINK card linker